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Welcome to CBD America - East Peoria

We are a family-owned business in Central Illinois that offers you a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to shop for CBD.  Our staff is professional and prompt at helping you find the CBD products that are best for you! We love to learn about you and your reasons for using CBD so that you leave happy with your products. Our CBD lines rank at the top in the market as far as quality and effectiveness. We proudly offer American Shaman, ProMed, CBD Living, Stoney Branch Ag Ventures, Half Day CBD to name a few. We also carry CBD for your furbabies!  

Call us or stop in to learn more about how our CBD tinctures, oils, soluables and topicals can help you!


You Deserve The Most Powerful CBD Products Available

Our Mission

We believe in bio-individuality when it comes to one's overall health and well-being.  We take our time to establish a connection with our customers to make sure they have the knowledge needed to support their health.  We believe that CBD is a great way to restore balance in the body along with understanding our customers ailments with private wellness coaching.  Having the knowledge and support from a wellness consultant allows the customer to create change from inside out for a lasting transformation. - Bill Tate, CBD America

Small, Local, Family-Owned - Member East Peoria Chamber of Commerce

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Our Focus

Our focus is simple.  It's you.  

Your health needs are as unique as you are.  We call this bio-individuality.  Bio-individuality dictates that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to your health and well being.  We recognize this and respect this.  You, the discriminating consumer, deserve the best products and services on the market.  High quality products and services that focus on helping you look and feel your best.  And this is what we focus on.


We offer the highest quality CBD products with nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology is a unique process that offers unmatched particle size, putting cannabinoids in their most bio-active state.  Our manufacturers utilize a proprietary nano system that breaks cannabinoids down to the slightest molecular level, making it easier for cell absorption.  Since our products are much more potent, you get relief at the cellular level in minutes, not hours.  Giving you relief immediately!


But we don't just sell you products.  We learn about you and your ailments so that we can guide you safely to the CBD product or hemp product that's best for you.  Then we take our approach even further by offering you a tailored health program designed to help you achieve optimum wellness.  Our health and wellness programs are designed to help you acquire proper sleep, foods, exercise, breathing and self-trust for more balanced health.  After all, change must happen from the inside out in order for the transformation to become a lasting lifestyle.

We're an alternative and holistic approach to health and wellness that does not necessarily replace traditional medicine, but complements it.  Give us a call or stop in.  We're happy to talk with you about your health and wellness and offer our recommendations.

Our Focus
Why CBD?

Why CBD?

It can help with

Better Sleep
Overall Wellness
Mood Enhancement
Pain and Inflammation


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"My father who is a chronic pain patient and has been on patches and other opioids never getting complete relief has been on the ProMed for about 1 month. He has been able to come off from his patches and has had more relief from the CBD cream than anything else." - Lisa


"Very educated on their high quality CBD products. They had many different types of products to help with all kinds of needs. The prices were better than many other places that I’ve seen. Thank you CBD America for your outstanding service." - Mason

CBD Products




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Jen Grogan


My name is Jen Grogan and I'm happy to offer my health coaching services through CBD America!  I'm a true believer in the power of our CBD and hemp products and agree that bio-individuality is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


I'm a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.  That means I have the depth of knowledge necessary to tailor a program for your individual needs.  We are each made differently and we need to be looked at in our health as unique individuals.


I also believe in the power of connection between people, through active listening and being present in the moment.


As your health coach, it is my job to serve you with love, respect, active listening and accountability.


I walk alongside my clients to pinpoint areas where there is balance and address areas where there is imbalance.  Imbalance in career, relationships, spirituality and physical needs can lead to stress, anxiety, weight gain, poor sleep, hormone imbalance and other ailments.  I want to help you achieve optimal health and wellness through optimal balance.  


3 - Month Program

6 - Month Program

Single Sessions 

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Health Coaching

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